Cartridge filters are widely used in various industries where special attention is required in the fine cleaning of dust and gas from the airflow; it is the most effective solution for capturing air and gas emissions. These filters are also useful for food and chemical industries and areas of corrosion control.

Standard versions

Cartridge filters

Cartridge filters are used to filter dust associated with the production and processing of grain, feed, paper, aluminum, coal, cement, wood, and the like. These filters help ensure that workers meet sanitary and environmental standards. Cartridge filters also ensure the return of purified air to production facilities, effectively capture first-class hazardous substances (lead, cadmium, etc.) and aerosols, thereby improving the quality of the materials/products produced.

Filters can have folded elements of different depths and heights, often offering greater airflow tolerance, better filtration range, and lower nominal pressure drop compared to conventional bag filters.

Activated carbon element cartridge filters

Cartridge filters based on activated carbon are used to remove various odors and unpleasant gases from the air. Our product range includes a wide range of absorbents and filters that can be used in various air conditioners, ventilation, air separation, and air recirculation equipment to clean the intake, exhaust and recirculated airflow of harmful gases, vapors and bad odors in canteen kitchens, museums, hospitals, laboratories, computer rooms, chemical industries, airports, petrol stations or car parks.


Our warehouse has cartridge filters based on activated carbon in standard sizes in stock.

Diameter 145 mm, lengths 250 mm, 450 mm and 600 mm

Structure of the cartridge filter with an activated carbon element

  • Outer diameter: 145 mm
  • Form of a block of smoke-activated compressed activated carbon
  • Ingredient length: 4–10 mm
  • Cartridge body material: 1.4301 stainless steel, suitable for cartridge types V1000, V2600 and V3500
  • Cartridge filler: activated crude coal
  • All versions have a bayonet locking system
  • Contact time (pcs) = (volume of activated carbon [m³] / air flow rate [m³ / h]) x 3600