Pocket filters of synthetic material

Pocket filters (sometimes called bag filters) are the most common type of air filters on the market. Pocket filters are used mainly in heating equipment, food, and beverage industry and medical institutions. The large surfaces of the filter bags and conical pocket bags together with modern sewing technology ensure the lowest possible nominal pressure drop in our filters and economical energy costs. The large filtration surface of the bag filter increases the efficiency of air filtration and is therefore particularly well suited for use on the air intake side as a fine filter in a busy urban environment.

Our pocket filters are available in melt-blown synthetic or fiberglass material, and the filter parameters can be adjusted to the appropriate filtration class, according to the operating conditions and requirements of your specific ventilation unit.

Filtrimeister’s pocket filters keep your device maintenance costs and electricity bills under control. By investing in a high-quality filter with a low-pressure drop, you can save significantly on energy costs. The optimal energy consumption of our filters is very important to us. Therefore, the filters found in our product range mainly only have energy class labels from A to C.

Pocket filters with a metal frame are suitable for use in both normal and more extreme conditions. The metal frame of the bag filter is strong and stable, which simplifies the installation of the filters in the ventilation unit during its maintenance. Pocket filters in special sizes can be produced to order according to the dimensions given by the customer. Frame thicknesses of 20mm or 24mm are available on request.

Fiberglass pocket filters

The fiberglass material is particularly suitable for use in humid Nordic climates. Despite its higher cost, a fiberglass pocket filter is an economical filter because it has a significantly lower nominal pressure resistance and therefore lower energy consumption compared to a filter made of synthetic material. The fiberglass filter material does not clog even in humid environments and ensures flawless operation of the ventilation device even in extreme conditions.

Activated carbon pocket filters

Activated carbon pocket filters can be used to filter smells like tobacco and the like and purify the air in kitchens, locker rooms, etc. These filters are designed to adsorb low concentrations of unpleasant odors and gaseous and hazardous contaminants. Similar to fiberglass filters, due to the low nominal pressure drop and high dust collection capacity, activated carbon filter bags can easily be added or replaced in existing systems to improve the quality of the odorless air being filtered from ventilation systems.

These filters are made of activated carbon-impregnated synthetic filter cloth, which allows the collection of low concentrations of harmful gases from the air (nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide, ozone, organic compounds from vehicle emissions, etc.) as well as volatile organic compounds such as solvents and aerosols. Solutions with such filters are often used in shopping malls, airports, restaurants, laboratories, and hospitals, where the amount of air exchange is high and the concentration of unpleasant odors is easy to gather.

Main areas of application

  • Filtrimeister’s ISO Coarse 50-85% pocket filters are suitable for use in public ventilation and air conditioning equipment in office buildings, shopping malls, schools, and also as pre-filters in varnishing equipment.
  • Filtrimeister’s pocket filters ePM10 50% – ePM1 85% are suitable for pre-filtration of fine dust and air filtration in hospitals, IT centers, pharmacies, and fine mechanics industries, as well as for use as pre-filters in ventilation equipment with HEPA filters.

Pocket filters with cut filter bags are also available on request.