Filtrimeister’s grease filters are intended for use in filtering greasy vapors from kitchen equipment or other cleaning equipment where it is necessary to separate grease particles from the air. Cooking, baking, and the heat treatment of substances in industry inevitably result in various unpleasant fatty vapors and volatile residues. When the released steam is filtered through a metal grease filter, the released fat enters the metal fabric of the filter by way of evaporation. Inside Filtrimeister’s grease filters, there is a dense aluminum or stainless steel (Inox) braided mesh element, which has a large cooling surface and relatively low air resistance. Our grease filters are durable. The filter element is attached between two layers of protective metal mesh in stainless steel or galvanized metal frame. Depending on the thickness, our filters ensure a fat removal level of up to 90-99%.

You can order Filtrimeister’s grease filters that are tailored to your needs. They are easy to wash in most dishwashers. Grease filters are cleanable and recyclable, which reduces waste. We offer grease filters from thicknesses of 15 mm and more in many standard sizes. Each filter material has different properties and the place of use decides which material to use in the filters to suit your specific needs, please contact our customer support to specify the right filter selection.