In paint booths, for example in the car industry, it is not just a question of air purity. It is important to prevent loose paint particles from returning to the air stream. This is especially important because even microscopic dust particles leave visible marks on freshly applied varnish.

Filtrimeister offers the paint industry a wide range of filtration materials at a very competitive price.

Paint booth filter materials are mainly divided into four product groups.

  • Cardboard paint collection bellow filters
  • Impregnated ceiling filters
  • Paint Stop paint collection filter materials
  • Filter elements for pre-filtering

Cardboard paint collection bellow filters (Andreae)

Cardboard paint collection bellow filters are intended for collecting excess paint from the air during surface treatment and for filtering the air in the paint and varnish chambers. With a special design, the cardboard bellows is a paint removal filter for collecting solid (aerosol-based) and liquid particles from the air – paints, varnishes, gels, adhesives, silicones.

These filters are rigid enough to allow easy installation without having to have specialized know-how, thus allowing for minimal maintenance costs. Environmentally friendly (made of recyclable cardboard) color collection filters have a high capacity to collect color particles and are suitable for filtering both solvent and water-based paint. Due to the geometry of the folds, both horizontal and vertical positioning of the filter is possible.

Common sizes are always in stock

  • Height 100 cm, 90 cm, 75 cm
  • The filter length used is 10.2 m

Impregnated ceiling filter V300S, V600S

Impregnated ceiling filter material is a filter material used in paint booths in the final stage, which is mainly used in ventilation and air-conditioning equipment used in surface treatment chambers and in equipment designed to control paint dust and pollution. The ceiling filter material is made of white polyester fiber, one side of which is covered with a reinforcing mesh.

The uniform density of the filter material and the thick layer of material ensure exceptional dust collection at low-pressure drops. Ceiling filters are characterized by high heat resistance and a reliable operating principle, which is due to the impregnation of the material with a special dust-binding adhesive. This filter material not only filters the air but also prevents the particles from separated from the airflow from advancing – even in difficult conditions such as vibrating surface treatment systems.

The dimensions of the reels always in stock are:

  • 2 m x 20 m
  • 2.32 m x 20.0 m
  • Special sizes and cut-to-size pieces are available on request

PaintStop filter materials

Solvent-based paint collection filter material (green)

The solvent-based paint collection filter material (green) is intended for use in filtering solvent-based paint and varnish particles in surface treatment spray booths. The progressively structured fiberglass filter material is designed to achieve significantly higher efficiencies in the environment of paint booth exhaust systems. This filter material keeps the exhaust air particle content within the required limits without the use of anti-wetting agents.

The PaintStop filter material product line is used in surface treatment equipment used in the automotive and other industries. Our product range includes all PaintStop compliant 50 mm and 75 mm fiberglass filtration materials.

Reels are always available in stock in the following sizes:

  • 0.5 m x 20 m
  • 0.75 m x 20 m
  • 1 m x 20 m
  • 1.5 m x 20 m
  • 2 m x 20 m

Water-based paint collector fabric (purple)

The water-based paint collector fabric (purple) is intended for filtering water-based paint and varnish particles in surface treatment paint booths.

Progressively structured and highly effective harmless gel-impregnated fiberglass filter material is designed and specially designed to stop fine and dry spray particles of water-based paints and varnishes in your surface treatment system.

Dust collector filter material (yellow)

The dust collector filter material (yellow) acts as a pre-filter for filtering coarse-grained dry dust particles in conventional ventilation and air-conditioning equipment, surface treatment, and dust and pollution control.

Coarse dust particles are filtered using a progressively structured fiberglass filter material impregnated with a harmless gel.