Filtrimeister offers a wide range of panel filters made of synthetic and fiberglass composite material. All panel filters we offer meet the latest ISO 16890 requirements. Using only the best filter materials, we can offer the lowest initial pressure and high particle removal efficiency. This ensures that our filters have excellent energy efficiency and maximum service life.

The standard thicknesses of the Filtrimeister’s cardboard and plastic/metal panel filter frames are 24, 28, 46, 48, 92, and 98 mm. Custom-sized frames for all types of panel filters with a thickness of 15 mm and more are also available on request. Our panel filters are manufactured using a completely new technology that ensures minimal energy consumption with a low nominal pressure drop and a particularly high particle removal capacity. These features ensure a healthy indoor climate in your ventilated room and the maximum longevity of filters in ventilation equipment.


MPL-type panel filters

MPL-type panel filters have excellent technical properties due to the special material design, which allows the optimal use of the maximum filtration area with low-pressure resistance, even with a large amount of air passing through the filter. The high structural stability of this type of panel filter element ensures reliable operation even in extreme environmental conditions.

The Deep Pleat element uses a high-performance composite material (HES) with a special thermoplastic pleat bonding system to create the perfect V-shaped filter material that ensures full use of the filtration area and even distribution of dust in the element, extending filter life.

Activated carbon treated filters with an MPL-type element

Activated carbon treated filters with an MPL-type element are suitable for adsorption of hazardous gases and other undesirable substances from the air. These filters can be used to remove odors from urban and industrial pollutants, for example in the food industry, public spaces, and medical facilities.

The filters contain synthesized non-woven material impregnated with activated carbon. Due to their cleaning properties, the purpose of these filters is to eliminate various annoying odors that enter ventilation systems from unsuitable environments with high pollution.

Z-line filters with a folded element

Z-line filters with a folded element are mostly used as pre-filters, to protect fine filters in all equipment and to remove larger particles up to the size of ePM10 from the ventilation system. The load-bearing synthetic filter material, when folded, is strong enough to be installed in the filter without additional support, which provides a larger filtration element area in the filter.

Specially designed folds ensure that the filter works in high airflow conditions and the best low nominal pressure drop. This combination significantly reduces the energy consumption of the device and ensures long filter life and reliable operation in your device. Z-line filters are compatible with all types of air treatment devices that require compact filters and are a reliable solution to replace more expensive bag filters in the system.

Z-line cartridge filters

Z-line cartridge filters are mostly used as pre-filters in surface treatment technology chambers, spray booths, welding fume extraction systems, and other various HVAC systems in many different industries. They are compatible with all types of air treatment devices that require compact filter sizes and a reliable way to replace bag filters.

The pleated synthetic non-woven filter element is characterized by a high dust collection capacity, making it ideal for HVAC systems in environments (especially when dealing with coatings and processing environments) with more dust than usual. To withstand high airflow speeds at low nominal pressure resistance and to effectively stop harmful particles, the material is supported by a specially designed metal mesh.

Activated carbon filters with Z-line / MPL-type element

Filters with an activated carbon Z-line element, as well as an MPL element, are used to remove odors from urban and industrial pollutants. Z-line activated carbon filters contain a self-supporting synthetic non-woven material impregnated with activated carbon.

These filters can be used in the system as a pre-filter that, in addition to coarse dust, effectively removes low-level gaseous pollutants and ultimately ensures high air quality. Due to the cleaning properties of this type of filter, their purpose is to remove various annoying odors from the ventilated air of ventilation systems in offices, schools, shopping malls, hospitals, and other buildings near the streets.

Flat filter with a double safety mesh

Double Faceguard flat filter elements are mostly used as pre-filters in surface treatment chambers, spray booths, furnace extraction systems, and various other HVAC sector systems in dust and pollution control areas where high dust extraction is required.

The flat element structure of Double Faceguard filters has a filter element based on synthetic fibers, which is characterized by a very high dust removal capacity. To withstand high airflow speeds and achieve maximum efficiency at low nominal pressure resistance, the filter element is supported on the outside by a specially designed metal mesh (Faceguard). On special request, the filter can be made with a replaceable filter element, which makes this type of filter a cost-effective solution in industrial ventilation systems.

Features of panel filters

All types of panel filters we offer ensure high air permeability with low nominal pressure resistance (low Pa), and when installing our filters in your equipment, you can be sure that your energy consumption readings will be efficient.

  • Frame types: plastic frame, cardboard frame, galvanized steel frame
  • Other frame types as required
  • Plastic and cardboard frames are completely incinerable.
  • Gasket made of a foamed component can be added on request.
  • Special sizes on request