We breathe constantly. Therefore, our well-being and health largely depend on the air quality around us. Inhaled poor quality air can cause a variety of health problems that can make us feel uncomfortable and disturb us. A home should be comfortable and safe – a place where we can always feel good. To enjoy your home to the fullest, it must be filled with fresh air. Easier said than done, but we will try and help.

Filtrimeister OÜ specializes in the sale of filters for various ventilation equipment, the manufacturing technology of which has been developed for this type of filters with completely new, ISO 16890 compliant filter fabrics. Our filters will keep your ventilation equipment clean and in working order and offer high dust stopping capacity and significantly lower power consumption compared to other similar filters on the market.

For home use, we have filters from ISO Coarse grades 50% to ePM1. All filter sets are set in cardboard, plastic, or metal frames according to customer needs. The most popular filter sets such as Vallox, Komfovent, Ilox, Ilto, Parmair, Enervent, Flexit, Wolf, Salda RIS, Dantherm, Zehnder, Deekax, Sunair, Iloxair, Systemair, Swegon Casa, Nilan, Nibe are always available in stock, which guarantees our customers fast and reliable service.