How to change filters?

It is important for the condition and well-functioning of the ventilation system that the system is maintained regularly, depending on the location of the object. If the ventilated object is located in a city, town or by a busy road, the ventilation device must be…
17. March 2020

Which filter to choose?

The WHO (World Health Organization) recommended dust collection limits are as follows: Ambient air that may temporarily contain pollution. Ambient air with a high concentration of particles. Ambient air with very high concentrations of particles. Recommendations for selecting supply air filters. GENERAL VENTILATION SUP 1…
13. March 2020

How do I order a filter or send a price request?

Typically, all filters have a label on the filter frame that reflects all the necessary information. To order filters, all you need to do is find the right filter in our Filter Shop and add it to the shopping cart, make a purchase and we…
13. March 2020

ISO Standards

ISO 16890 Standard From July,1, 2018, the EN ISO 16890 standard for filters and filtration will replace the previous standard EN 779. The main difference between the standards is that ISO 16890 requires testing the efficiency of filters over a wider range of particles, thus…
19. February 2020