Child protection mask ISO ePM2.5 (0.4 µm)

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Child protection masks directly from the manufacturer! We produce children’s protective masks from white filter material, which are suitable for both boys and girls. Each mask has a teddy bear image on it. The mask is designed to filter the outside air towards the wearer, ie it protects the wearer.

Mask suitability

  • The smaller two-part mask is suitable for ages 5-9. In the picture Romi, 8 years old and 128cm tall.
  • The larger three-piece mask is suitable for ages 10-12. In the picture Ronne, 11 years old and 150cm tall.
  • For children 13+ or taller than 160cm, an adult mask is already suitable.

The bear images on the children’s masks are a random choice of three options. If you want a mask with a specific bear image, please write in the comments box on the payment page and we will take this request into account as far as possible. With regard to teddy bears, there is a nice initiative where people are invited to put teddy bears and other cool animals on the windows for the children to “hunt” them while walking outside. That’s what our teddy bears are about.  

Features of a children's mask

  • Meets the standard of EVS-EN 14683:2019 – Medical masks
  • Made by hand from high quality filter material
  • Made according to the anatomical drawing of the human face
  • Ensures airtight placement for respiratory protection
  • Reduces inhalation of droplet infection particles
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Reusable

Children’s face mask reduces the inhalation of airborne dust and sneezing and cough infection particles. The children’s respirator is made of ISO ePM2.5 efficiency filter material, which removes 0.4 µm of particles by 65% from the air. Learn what these figures mean.

The product can be washed in a hand wash program at temperatures up to + 80C and after disinfection with the indicated heat, the product can be reused. When reusing the product, make sure that the fabric structure of the mask has not broken down and is safe to use.

NOTE! The product is not intended for medical use.